About Alma Mater International School

The focus at Alma Mater is to develop well-rounded young men and women who are specifically groomed to excel at secondary and tertiary study. The Cambridge International Examinations were created for this precise purpose. Learners can also complete their A Levels at Alma Mater; this option greatly benefits learners who want to pursue careers in highly specialised fields such as medicine. We provide a safe, friendly and disciplined learning environment in which we build social and academic skills in self-confident students.

Our curriculum is recognised internationally by the best Universities in the world. Alma Mater's excellent academic standards and highly committed staff serve to expedite our goal for our students attain to their full potential and fulfil their aspirations.

School Transport

Bus fees:
Click here to download fees.

Please take note of the following conditions:

  • The fee has been calculated at an average of 62 days per term
  • If you have any further queries regarding the bus routes you can contact Mr. Gustav Botes on 011 660 7567(sportadmin@almacambrdige.org.za). Mr. Gustav Botes is the coordinator of the bus routes.
  • Payment in advance at Finances (reference your child’s name and bus fare). Your child will be issued with a bus ticket for the term which must be handed to the busdriver.


Alma Mater Open Day

11th May 2019

Primary and High School's registrations start at 9:00 am

Baby Mates and Pre-Primary's registrations start at 10:00 am


Open day programme for Pre-Primary

Open day programme for Primary School

Open day programme for High School

Why Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)?

Why Cambridge?
CIE (www.cie.org.uk) has worked in partnership with ministries of education, with qualifications authorities and with examination and assessment boards around the world for more than 140 years.

CIE is part of the Cambridge Assessment Group (formerly known as UCLES) which has developed and promoted qualifications around the world for almost 150 years. CIE is part of the world–renowned University of Cambridge.

We can provide:

  • consultancy services for curriculum and assessment at primary and secondary level
  • administration and processing of examination data
  • training for ministry staff, teachers and examination administrators
  • evaluation
  • benchmarking of national standards
  • assessment and curriculum using English as the medium of learning
  • quality assurance

How Cambridge can help you meet change
Cambridge will support and guide you through the process of transition every step of the way.
We provide assessment and professional support during the transition as well as training for assessment staff, item writers and teachers.
Administrative and technical support during transition is also given, as well as help with benchmarking and maintaining standards. Cambridge has a strong track record in providing consultancy for curriculum and assessment changes to successfully meet education reform programmes.

Our mission
CIE is committed to its mission of extending access to the benefits of high-quality education around the globe. Our curricula and qualifications are designed to support high-quality educational performance, developing successful students and supporting the economic performance of countries where CIE works at national level.

Developing successful students
CIE was formally established in 1998 to provide high-quality, leading-edge qualifications that meet the ongoing demands of employers and educators across the world.
We offer a broad range of internationally recognised qualifications, both academic and vocational, which we have designed to develop successful students worldwide. These include general qualifications including Cambridge International AS and A level, Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education, Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme and Cambridge International Primary Programme.

Working with governments around the world
CIE has worked in partnership with ministries of education, qualifications authorities and examination and assessment boards around the world for over 150 years. In some countries such as Singapore Cambridge examinations are the state qualification for students in secondary school. Tens of thousands of students take Cambridge IGCSE every year.
In other parts of the world such as Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland, CIE has worked with governments to reform education systems, and helped to localise examinations by training officials, teachers, markers and examiners in curriculum development and assessment.

Supporting teachers
Teachers who are well supported are able to offer the best education possible and develop successful students. CIE offers teachers an extensive programme of training events and services, providing professional development and support including online training, face-to-face training, e-learning and training via video conferencing.

Where we work
CIE operates in 157 countries around the world, across Europe, South Asia, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, North America, Central and South America and Africa.

CIE is part of Cambridge Assessment, Europe’s largest assessment agency and a department of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge Assessment was established in 1858 as the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES).
We have a board of directors. CIE’s Chief Executive sits on the Cambridge Assessment Group board. This is in turn governed by a Syndicate Committee with representatives of the University of Cambridge.

CIE employs 200 staff in the UK and works with around 7,000 examiners and Alma Mater Akademie employs 37 staff members.

Primary ages
CIPP 5 – 11 years
Lower Secondary Programme 11 – 14 years
IGCSE 14 – 16 years
AS/A levels 16 – 19 years

Assisted centres
Since we are an accredited CIE centre we assist the following centres in writing their CIE examinations.
Andrews College
Private students including those who want to write their exams.