Pre-Primary School

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Gr 0000 – 3 years                     Gr R – 6 years

Forever under construction and preparing our children for the high standard and exciting challenges of the Cambridge Curriculum


Alma Mater Pre-Primary is committed to the provision of quality pre-school education. Our curriculum is aligned with the latest Early Childhood Development policies coupled with the best international educational trends. Each child is nurtured, supported and empowered to find his or her path into the future from the security of a safe and stimulating environment. We believe that happy and meaningful learning experiences in the early years will provide a sound foundation for future education.



A structured academic programme starting at 07:30 to 13:00 to prepare our toddlers for the exciting challenges of The Cambridge Curriculum. At this age we still focus on a playful approach to instil a lifelong love for learning.

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Over and above our own modified and combined curriculum the following are
included in the school fee:

  • Breakfast
  • Stimuzik
  • Gross-motor class
  • Afternoon- and Holiday Care
  • Introduction to computers/iPads (Gr 000 – Gr 00)
  • Knowledge Network Computer Programme (Gr R)