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Welcome To Alma Mater International School

At Alma Mater we focus on attributes and skills. On this journey "Finis Origine Pendet" - The end is determined by the beginning - we focus to equip our students to be:

All of the above cast in Christian and Ethical Values and Principles.

Cambridge Primary 
(Grade 1 - 6)

Lower Secondary
Junior High (Grade 7 and 8)

Building Your Child's Brain Architecture The Right Way

Interesting Facts

Children develop in an environment of relationships. The developmental process is fuelled by a reciprocal, "serve and return" process.

Cognitive, emotional and social capacities are inextricably intertwined, and learning, behavior, and both physical and mental health are highly interrelated over the life course. We can't have one without the other.

"Toxic stress" derails healthy child development and can have long-term negative effects on learning, behavior, and physical and mental health.

Brain plasticity and the ability to change behavior decrease over time, so getting things right the first time produces better outcomes and is less costly, to society and individuals, than trying to fix then later.

Early experiences in life build "brain architecture" with simple circuits forming first and more complex circuits building upon them.

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