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Partial Scholarships Available to Lower Secondary to A Level candidates. Please feel free to contact our admissions office for more information.

Junior High

Our Two-Year Lower Secondary Programme
Cambridge Lower Secondary is typically for learners aged 12 to 14 years. It develops skills and understanding in English, Mathematics, Science, Cambridge Global Perspectives and ICT. The programme also offer enrichment in eight of our IGCSE introduction courses. This phase emphasizes transferable skills to the Upper Secondary Level.

The President’s Award For Youth Empowerment Is The Duke Of Edinburgh’s International Award In South Africa.
It is an internationally recognised programme which exists to equip youth to succeed in life and work. It offers young people, aged 14 -24, the opportunity to develop their character, discover their purpose and determine their future, while contributing to society. We encourage all Grade 8 (year two of Junior High) students to embark on this journey and enrol for their Bronze Award.

The Global Perspectives programme develops the skills of research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration, and communication. It strengthens the links across English as a first or second language, mathematics, science and ICT Starters (this programme is only available in year one of Junior High).

Research Essentials are introduced to the students as early as in year two of Junior High (Ages 14 -15). This subject focusses on building valuable skills of research, the use of referencing, and helps students build interests in research projects.


Entrance requirements:

  1. Ages between 12 and 13.
  2. Passed IEB/CAPS Grade 6 with a minimum of a “C” symbol overall average. Your application will be considered on a case by case basis.
  3. Passed first year of Cambridge Lower Secondary.
  4. Passed Year 7 (UK standards)
  5. Passed Year 1 of MYP (IB)
  6. Entrance assessment required with a minimum overall score for acceptance. Accompanying an interview or letter of recommendation from current school.